From the President



Dear readers,

2023 was a rich year! Although even years are normally the ones in the spotlight due to the EUROs – with the next coming in January - the calendar year 2023 was nonetheless exciting for European handball. Not only club competitions on the highest level with Final4 events bringing crowds of people to the venues: one may not be surprised about almost 20,000 people in Cologne, but the 20,022 sold out Dome in Budapest was more than proof for the attractiveness of women’s handball; the National Team qualifications for EUROs and World Championships present an ever-growing stage for all federations and especially sees the mid-ranked and smaller nations get more involved and, with their quality, prove the commitment to the performance level.

From the playing court

"I would like to thank all those who have contributed to the successful activities, be it on a voluntary or professional level. you continuously not only keep the sport on track…you drive it forward!"

Michael Wiederer, President

EHF Congress

“We have a mountain to climb, but together with our member federations we are now taking a first and important step towards a sustainable future for European handball.”

Martin Hausleitner, EHF Secretary General

From the digital world

Dare to Rise is intended to inspire players and fans to overcome challenges, face their fears, and reach their full potential.

'Dare to Rise' - The EHF Marketing campaign for the EHF Champions League 2023/24

EHF Excellence Awards

From sponsorships

“Recognising the business and image benefits of supporting handball, we have made the decision to expand our sponsorship activities."

Mariusz Brudnicki, Vice President of Modular System

“As a regional company, we believe that sponsoring sports is an effective tool for reaching communities, as the love of sports is shared by all of us."

Peter Pantl, MOL Group Corporate Communications & Marketing Vice President

Growing handball

“Overall, the EHF is not only focusing on further development on a technical level, but specificaally on the point where decisions are made by the involved protagonists and on the court in order to secure transparency in this intensive sport.”

Michael Wiederer, EHF President