In October former Spanish top handball player Xavier O’Callaghan and the experienced Slovenian coach Marta Bon have been elected by the Professional Handball Board (PHB), respectively the Women’s Handball Board (WHB), to represent their bodies in the EHF Executive Committee.

O’Callaghan had already been the PHB’s chairman and subsequently part of the EXEC until 2018.

The elections concluded two days during which the European Handball Leagues Board (EHLB), the new Nation Committees Men and Women and the new Nations Board as well as the PHB and the WHB all met in Vienna.

For the PHB and the WHB it was the first meeting since the EHF’s election congress took place in April.

The Nation Committees Men and Women consist of six members each and deal with all national team matters in men’s respectively women’s handball. Three persons from each committee together form the Nations Board.

The PHB’s vice chairman is the EHLB chairman, Nikolas Larsson from Sweden.

In the WHB, Marta Bon assumes the chair for two years, in 2023 Leonor Mallozzi from Portugal will take over. Currently Mallozzi is the vice chairwoman; in two years Bon will have this role.

Furthermore, in a joint move the PHB and the WHB nominated Marta Utor from Spain as vice president and representative of the stakeholder groups to the European Handball Court of Arbitration (ECA) Council.