Introducing Sport & Game Services

Our New Department

In September, an internal departmental change within the European Handball Federation was announced, with the business groups of Additional Activities and Education & Development merging.

The groups have joined forces to create one new department titled Sport & Game Services, which encompasses grassroots – one of the seven pillars of the new EHF Master Plan.

This restructured area, which was unveiled at the Conference for Secretaries General, will remain under the guidance of senior directors Helmut Höritsch and Doru Simion.

The four focus areas within the department are players, coaches, education and development.

New electronic transfer system introduced

With the aim of expediating transfers and reducing the paperwork involved in the process, the European Handball Federation introduced an entirely new electronic transfer procedure on 1 July.

The process of electronic transfers runs entirely online through the EHFamily e-transfers platform and helps reduce the manual administration involved for all parties when a transfer is undertaken. The speed in sharing and managing all required information is also logged, giving the overall procedure a fast and simple method for confirmation of transfers.

Another important component of the EHFamily platform is the professional players national database. This platform offers ease of use and enables national federations a complete overview of information on all players.

Furthermore, the system offers a daily, accurate update of all players within the national database.

The common target refers to a fair and correct overview reflecting the continuous updated status of the professional players.

Both the database and the e-transfer system further highlight the EHF’s continued development of technologies to enable smooth and stress-free administration in what is a hectic and fast-changing element of handball life.