One month after the EHF Congress 2021 the newly elected Nation Committees Men (NCM) and Women (NCW) convened for the first time in May.

The idea to form these two new bodies goes back to the EHF Congress 2018 in Glasgow, Scotland at which a motion was passed to reform the EHF bodies to uphold a balanced and harmonised system for male and female competitions.

The Nation Committees Men and Women elected at the 2021 Congress consist of six members each and deal with all national team matters in men’s respectively women’s handball.

Three members from each committee are nominated to the new Nations Board (NB). The NB’s chairperson is entitled to represent the body in the EHF Executive Committee.

Meet the members:

Morten Stig Christensen (DEN)Mark Schober (GER) and Ingo Meckes (SUI) have been entrusted by the NCM to represent its matters in the NB.

The NCM as such will be chaired by Ingo Meckes. He will be supported by vice chair Jari Henttonen (FIN).

The NCW has nominated chairperson Nodjialem Myaro (FRA) as well as Leonor Mallozzi (POR) and Pirje Orasson (EST) to the Nations Board.

The nominated representatives of NCM and NCW together have elected as new chair of the Nations Board and therefore also new member in the EHF Executive Committee, Mark Schober (GER). The NB’s vice chair is Pirje Orasson (EST).

NCM, NCW and NB met again in the middle of October, for the first time after the EHF Congress when the Women’s Handball Board (WHB) and the Professional Handball Board (PHB) gathered

The NCM has nominated Morten Stig Christensen and Mark Schober to the PHB. The NCW has nominated Nodjialem Myaro and Leonor Mallozi to the Women's Handball Board.