Jump shot becomes the sound of handball

The new approach for handball's sound identity

The iconic jump shot has become the backbone for a new holistic approach to sound, which the EHF and EHF Marketing have had captured in order to create a unique and recognisable acoustic connection between what happens on the court and off it.

The EHF are the first sporting federation to have such an approach to sound identity, and the brand sound will connect the various leagues and tournaments that fit under the EHF brand design system. (instead of EHF umbrella.

For the EHF brand sound, sound agency WESOUND unlocked the core of the Sound of Handball and created a DNA as the recurring element across all audio-visual applications. The sound of a jump shot conveys the emotions of the game in a single hit, and the agency extracted this into a rhythmic design pattern.

The result is a sound that was first heard as part of the EHF Champions League brand rollout. It is intended to encapsulate not just the jump sound but the excitement and exhilaration of handball in a head-turning, adrenaline-pumping theme.

The brand sound will complement all audio-visual communications, including the opening and closing sequences for TV elements, digital streaming platforms and social media content.

New anthems for the EHF Champions League and EHF European League were also commissioned to bring the brand to life in the arena.