IHF Ordinary Congress 2021

The EHF attended the XXXVIII Ordinary Congress of the IHF in November 2021. The congress was held virtually due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but still got through a full agenda.

IHF President Dr Hassan Moustafa told delegates in his opening statement that handball was “changing life, bringing joy to millions with our inspiring tournaments”.

Congress adopted the IHF financial and auditor’s report, which showed a solid financial performance for the federation despite the impact of the pandemic.

Several European representatives were elected to roles on the IHF committee at the congress. These included France’s Joël Delplanque as 1st Vice-President, Sweden’s Anna Rapp as Treasurer, while Narcisa Lecusanu (ROU) and Frantisek Taborsky (CZE) joined the executive committee.

European representatives were also elected to six out of seven roles as chairs of various committees.

Moustafa secured his sixth mandate as IHF President after running unopposed.

The IHF Congress also passed two key motions. It adopted a motion enabling any IHF body to hold meetings and make decisions through videoconference or other electronic means.
Meanwhile, Moustafa presented a new four-year plan regarding the future of handball, underlining the new rules and regulations already approved by the IHF Council.

Towards the end of the IHF Congress, the President’s Development Award for a developed handball nation was presented to the Czech Handball Federation.

Former EHF head of refereeing Manfred Prause, who passed away in September 2021, and former head coach of the Russian women’s national team, Evgeny Trefilov, were honoured in recognition for their commitment to handball at national and international level.