Michael Wiederer was elected to stay at the helm of the European Handball Federation for another four years at the EHF Congress in April.

Wiederer, whose second term as president runs until 2025, was first elected in 2016 at the EHF Congress in St. Wolfgang, Austria, where he succeeded Jean Brihault from France. Wiederer had been the EHF’s Secretary General since 1992.

The elections for the top positions in European handball were the focus on the first day of EHF Congress 2021.

Together with the EHF President, the EHF Executive Committee was elected at the congress.

Predrag Boskovic (MNE) was confirmed as Vice President; Tjark de Lange (NED) withdrew his candidature shortly before the election.

Henrik La Cour (DEN) was re-elected as Vice President Finances. He was the only the candidate.

Bozidar Djurkovic (SRB) remains the chairperson of the Competition Commission.

Pedro Sequeira (POR) follows Jerzy Eliasz (POL) as chairperson of the Methods Commission.

Gabriella Horvath (HUN) is the new chairperson of the Beach Handball Commission. She succeeds Ole R. Jorstad.

The three additional members elected to the EXEC are Francisco V. Blazquez Garcia (ESP), Franjo Bobinac (SLO) and Stefan Lövgren (SWE).

Furthermore, Bente Aksnes (NOR) was confirmed as additional representative after a corresponding motion on the election mode for gender representative had been approved by the congress.

The president’s short acceptance speech began by quoting from Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Coriolanus, as he touched on the difficulties and solutions found to over the issues caused by Covid-19.

“When the sea was calm, all boats alike; showed mastership in floating,” says Wiederer. “The quote says that everything is sometimes easy but here, now, in these complex times that we face, that’s a bit different and that’s how we are approaching this. Thank you for the support for the upcoming four years.”




Long-standing members of the European handball family were elected as honorary members to the EHF back at the EHF Congress in April.

First up was Panos Antoniou, the out-going President of the EHF Court of Handball. Antoniou had been working in various functions in the Cypriot as well as the European and International Handball Federation for almost 30 years, since 1993.

The EHF’s Senior Manager Legal Management, Monika Flixeder, praised Antoniou’s diplomatic skills, his competence and his crucial attributions to the federation’s legal framework. With seats at the Court of Appeal and the Court of Handball, Antoniou was part of the EHF’s legal system for 20 years.

Out-going Methods Commission chairman Jerzy Eliasz was lauded by the EHF’s Senior Manager and EHF Competence Academy and Network (CAN) Coordinator Helmut Höritsch who praised Eliasz’s work in the development of the Methods Commission over the past eight years he served as the MC’s chairman.

The final membership was awarded to Ole R. Jorstad, the out-going chairman of the Beach Handball Commission.

Special awards of honour went to Viktor Konopliastyi (UKR), Jacques Bettenfeld (FRA) and Janka Stasova (SVK).

'Top nation in European handball' awards went to France for 2018, to Denmark for 2019 and to Norway for 2020. Spain received the 'top nation in European beach handball' award for the years 2018 to 2020.


The Bulgarian Handball Federation, the Montenegrin Handball Federation and the Slovenian Handball Federation were recognised as ‘Top Organisers’ for having hosted three or more competitive EHF events.

The Dutch Handball Federation was recognised with a Fair Play Award – the first time such an award was handed out – for the way they cooperated and acted when the Netherlands’ match at the Women’s EHF EURO 2020 against Serbia had to be postponed and the team’s championship schedule subsequently changed.

The next Ordinary EHF Congress will take place in the Swiss city of Basel on 23 and 24 June 2023, forming a centre piece in the Swiss federation’s activation plan for the Women’s EHF EURO 2024 which they will co-host with Hungary and Austria.

The EHF would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the EHF after their time on the various commissions came to an end after the congress:

Jerzy Eliasz (POL) – MC chairman, Ole R. Jorstad (NOR) – BC chairman, Anrijs Brencans (LAT) – EXEC member, Gerd Butzeck (GER) – PHB president, Emeric Paillason (FRA) – CC member, Peter Kovacs (HUN) – MC member, Klaus Feldmann (GER) – MC Member, Ivan Sabovik (SVK) – BC member, Juan Carlos Zapardiel (ESP) – BC member, Alain Koubi (FRA) – Comptoller, Henk Lenaerts (NED) – COH vice president, Kristian Johansen (FAR) – COH vice president, Libena Sramkova (CZE) – COH member, Viktor Konoplyastyi (UKR) – COH member, Jens Bertel Rasmssen (DEN) – COA vice president, Maxim Gulevich (RUS) – COA member, Roland Schneider (SUI) – COA member, Francesco Purromuto (ITA) – ECA President, Jacques Bettenfeld (FRA) – ECA vice president, Bogdan Sojkin (POL) – ECA vice president, Wouter Lambrecht (BEL) – ECA vice president, Philippe Bana (FRA) – NB Men vice president, Liudmila Bodnieva (RUS) – WHB member, Georgeta Narcisa Lecusanu (ROU) – WHB member.